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by snout on 12-11-2002, 18:34
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Gigamix/Syntax

Rakuten, one of the biggest Japanese online stores that sells books and magazines has started pre-selling MSX Magazine 2003. Already, during the short time of pre-sales, MSX Magazine 2003 has reached no. 21 in the top-selling magazines. According to this website, the magazine will be released shortly after december 11th, 2002 which fits with the indication of december 18th, we reported about earlier. The price of the Magazine will be 2500 yen, which is about 21 euro's.

The website gives us even more details about the MSX Magazine than we already knew. The full list of software that comes with the magazine has been expanded a lot. Here is the list as we know it now:MSXPLAYer (of course), Windows version and PocketPC version.

Commercial software:

ASCII: Bokosuka Wars, The Castle, Castle Excellent, Theseus, Pairs, Rotors, Eligus, Scope On, Tawara-kun, Trial Ski, Pai Panic, Rise Out, Red Zone
Game Arts: Thexder, Firehawk Bit2: Quinpl, Famicle Parodic 2, Graph Saurus v2.0
Falcom: Trial versions of YS1, YS2 and YS3

Independant software:

Games: Magical Labyrinth, Haipparu, Astro monsters, Tameki wars, Palace d'Eperne, Minerva's castle, Submarine war, Square runner, Trad race, Last invader, City Rally Z.
Software: A raytracing program, an YJK mode graphic editor, Kanji Schedule Memo, Kanji Text Editor, FM Tone editor, FM Keyboard and more

There are even more titles, but we weren't able to translate all of them (people who can translate these for us, please do so!). These will include a tiny shooting game, RPGs, a 3D racing game, and an 8-directional scrolling shooting game!. We're not sure, but some titles might even be completely new releases. Last but not least, there is an official ISBN-number now: 4756142109

Again, thanks a lot for Patriek Lesparre for his help, translating most of the game titles.

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By konamiman

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13-11-2002, 14:52

What a coincidence, I'll be in Japan from december 27th to january 11th... I'll take a close look at the bookstores.

By snout

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13-11-2002, 15:10

you're lucky! Tongue

By SaebaMSX

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14-11-2002, 18:53

Hey Antonio! Should I tell you about buying it for me? Of course, I will pay in advance...
Maybe you can keep my PSX some time more if so... (what a looser I am, trying to buy a MSXer with a f***ing PSX... hehehe) ^_^