MSX Magazine 2003 - reprint

by snout on 13-01-2003, 11:35
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: MSX Magazine website

On January 22nd, one month after the release of MSX Magazine 2003, a second print of this magazine will be released. Several sources confirmed us that the first print consisted out of 25.000 magazines. We have reasons to assume that the second print will consits of 25.000 magazines as well. It is not clear if ASCII will release a second edition of the MSX Magazine later on, but it seems that they are keeping this option open.

The reprint of the first edition confirms once again that sales are quite a success in Japan.The MSX Magazine is the official start of the MSX Revival. The magazine comes with a CD-ROM that contains MSXPLAYer, the official MSX emulator, created by MSX Association. In the magazine there's information on the software included on the CD-ROM, and a story about the MSX Revival. This includes a list of names the international MSX community suggested for the MSX Revival and a motivation why the name MSXPLAYer was chosen.

The magazine also has an introduction to coding in BASIC, a full list of MSX-BASIC and MSX-DOS commands, an introduction to drawing graphics on Graph Saurus, information on intentOS, a list of interesting MSX web sites, tips and maps to the games included on the CD-ROM, a story on the history and future of MSX, comics, a sheet of MSX stickers and interviews with Kazuhiko Nishi (chairman of MSX association), Tohru Furuga (Voice actor of games and anime's like Dragonball Z and Sailor moon, Shunichi Taguchi (MSX Magazine, Ryuichi Yamaki(Bothtec/EGG), Naoto Suzuki (EGG) and Ryouzou Yamashita (Head of ASCII Media technical development). With the reprint coming up, it seems that the first step of the MSX revival is achieving its goal of getting more people (back) in touch with the MSX system.