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by snout on 16-11-2002, 20:02
Topic: MSX Revival

ASCII have once again updated the MSX Magazine 2003 website. Of course we did some translation for you and bring you the facts in English.As reported earlier, the official releasedate of the Magazine has been set at december 24, 2002. Several online bookstores are already pre-selling the magazine. On the website are some direct links to these online stores. The magazine itself, which has been subtitled 'permanent preservation, contains 216 pages (!!) of MSX-related articles, which will be accompanied by small comics. Just a grasp out of the table of contents:

  • MSX Revival!
  • Developer interview
  • MSXPLAYer manual
  • MSXPLAYer roadmap
  • MSXPLAYer tips
  • How to be an MSX developer
  • Interview with Kazuhiko Nishi
  • The future of MSX
  • and more...

Of course, we must not forget the CD-ROM that is included, which contains MSXPLAYer and a huge list of software. The site points out how interesting it is that, thanks to MSXPLAYer it is now possible to create BASIC games, FM music and drawings on a PocketPC.

With some pride, the website shows its gratefullness to the MSX Community, by describing that there still is a lot of activity on fairs, meetings and on the internet. Although there hasn't been a new MSX computer in 10 years now, many people still enjoy using the system. MSX Magazine recommends a Pentium III 800 or higher system to run MSXPLAYer smoothly. PocketPC system requirements are still to be announced.

After reading this translation, there still is a very good reason to visit the website yourself: at the website you can have a look at the cover of the Magazine. Extra info for MSX webmasters: at the bottom of the FAQ there's a bit of HTML you can use if you want an MSX-Magazine banner on your website. Understandably, the website can not post mutual links.

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By konamiman

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17-11-2002, 14:52

According to my girlfriend, in the following site one can buy MSX Magazine from outside Japan:

This is the shipment prizes list for SAL shipping (mixed surface and air):

By snout

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17-11-2002, 14:57

Interesting indeed, but ehm... I hope overseas people can bring up some more patience... msxorg and some other groups are working on a solution that might be more interesting, financially. Hope to report something official about that soon.

By tfh

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18-11-2002, 12:52

Ehm... Maybe it's an idea to handle the news about the MSX Magazine a bit differently. 3 out of the 4 news posts on the main page now are about the same subject, only with some extra information.

By Sander

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18-11-2002, 23:23

The best way to get other postings on the main page is to contribute yourself Wink