MSX Magazine 3 - February 2005

by snout on 13-12-2004, 20:07
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Gigamix

On ASCII's MSX Magazine website more information on the upcoming MSX Magazine 3 was published. The third edition of this magazine will be published in February 2005, about a month before the production of the One Chip MSX starts. At first there were rumors about the One Chip MSX being bundled with MSX Magazine 3, but this no longer seems to be an option.

MSX Magazine 3 will, like its predecessors, come with a CD-ROM with about 20 games and a new version of MSXPLAYer, the official MSX emulator. This version will include a skin changer and various improvements to accuracy and performance. MSX-MIDI and MSX-VIEW emulation are not implemented in the new MSXPLAYer, but might be in future releases.

Relevant link: ASCII's MSX Magazine website

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By mars2000you

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13-12-2004, 20:39

More direct link is :
Your infos don't seem correct .... There should not be support for MSX-MIDI and MSX-VIEW in this new version of the MSX-PLAYer

See this page :

Babelfish translation of the last question :

Q: As for MSXPLAYer, however it corresponded to turboR with the preceding issue, now something number as for it probably is to change?

A: Long-awaited skin changer function is attached, furthermore also performance is improved. As the corresponding circumstance to turboR we have satisfied specification in general, but mounting is waived this time concerning MSX-MIDI and MSX-VIEW

By snout

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13-12-2004, 21:10

Indeed, I mistranslated (crappy online translation thingies Tongue) and fixed the info. Spot-on, mars2000you!

By mars2000you

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13-12-2004, 21:15

Worse translations are from Korean to English ... a real nightmare Sad

By manu

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14-12-2004, 16:47

In the text, it is written as "Mounting was also shelved this time."
( Literal translation : Mounting was also seen off this time." )
Since this is the nuance which has not denied the future possibility, the snout's interpretation is not wrong.

Before, such reports existed in the BBS of GIGAMIX online. "MSXPLAYer could not run MSXView."
By subsequent investigation, it became clear that it is because MSXView is using ROM peculiar to Panasonic.
(I heard this comment at idle talk, in "offline-meeting of simmered taros" the other day.) :-)
Probably, this made the priority of development deferment, since it meant that a part with a problem had to be remade.