MSXPC 20th Anniversary Edition - Review

by snout on 24-06-2004, 13:08
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Gigamix Online

On this website a small review of the 20th Anniversary MSXPC can be found. This MSXPC is a computer of which all components (motherboard, harddisk, memory etc.) are fit into the keyboard. The machine comes with an MSX Game Reader and runs MSXPLAYer. Apart from a unique serial number and an MSXPLAYer logo the full name of the person ordering the MSXPC are printed on the machine. More than 200 of these limited edition PCs were sold, celebrating the 20th anniversary of MSX.

Relevant link: MSXPC Review

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By pitpan

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24-06-2004, 14:23

I thought that the ROM reader was built-in. Curious gadget, but not an MSX.

By snout

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24-06-2004, 14:52

Hehe, which is exactly what MSX Association said when they sold the MSXPC. (Gadget, not MSX) Tongue

By Grauw

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24-06-2004, 20:51

Whoa, it looks pretty cool on that photo. Too bad it isn't a real MSX!


By snout

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24-06-2004, 20:54

By Grauw

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24-06-2004, 20:55

It shows though that they do have access to the resources to make such a casing and all, and in such limited editions... If they re-release an MSX-compatible they'll probably sell more of it than only 200 and you could then have a brand new MSX. Maybe they can even make an MSX laptop ^___^ that'd be super-cool. Damn you ESE, hurry up will ya... ;p


By tfh

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24-06-2004, 21:38


These resources are not very hard to find. It's just costly when maken only 200 pieces Wink Though Chinese hands can work quite cheap.

By Latok

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25-06-2004, 08:54

Uh, these MSXPC's aren't custom made, dudes. It's an existing model.

By MarioFungi

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25-06-2004, 13:36

Yeah it's a barebone kit, check out the link it has some details.
(Not sure its a same one though.)

By DarQ

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25-06-2004, 20:04

there is one thing i really hate about this thing. its cursors :S too much pc-style keyboard Sad

By snout

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26-06-2004, 00:33

You're right DarQ, nothing beats the cursors of a good MSX computer. I personally love the turboR for its cursors. (The entire turboR keyboard rocks, by the way)