MSXPC and MSX Game Reader status

by snout on 14-11-2003, 13:47
Topic: MSX Revival

On RetroPC we found a message containing information on the MSX Game Reader, which is currently being sold on ASCII MSX Store. According to RetroPC MSX Association will try and negotiate with the producers of this hardware, in case less than 3000 Game Readers get pre-ordered. Perhaps it is also possible to produce 2000 Game Readers. However, with nearly 1750 MSX GR's sold, MSX Magazine 2 and DenYu Land coming up and a month of pre-ordering to go, 3000 reservations do not seem impossible at all.

Furthermore ASCII decided to produce 100 extra MSXPCs, which makes a grand total of 200 computers. Already 147 of these special PC's were pre-ordered.

Relevant link: ASCII MSX Store