Source: Gigamix online

The Open Contents Platform Association (OCPA) was founded in october 2001. It has the aim of creating and promoting an open platform where content and applications can be distributed freely and openly across networks.

With the establishment of the internet, consumers expect access to a wide range of content and services through a variety of network-connected devices, such as PDA's, phones, web tablets, digital cameras and smart phones. For softwaredevelopers, it becomes more and more difficult to create programs which can deal with all these different processors and operating systems.

All these different hard- and software systems lead to huge development costs for which -eventually- the consumer will have to pay. In order to give the consumer the best possible benefits, the OCPA believes an open environment must be created in order to let hard- and softwaredevelopers compete freely and fairly.

The OCPA promotes the global standardization of an open platform worldwide, which is independent of underlying hardware, operating system and language. The core technology for all this is Tao Group's Intent media platform. Intent is based on virtual processor technology and is not only independent of hardware and operating system, but is also well known for its multimedia and Java technology capabilities.

The OCPA is being supported by more than 51 companies. Leading companies in this association are Fujitsu, Kyocera, Sharp and Tao Group. Now, for the real MSX Revival enthusiast, this must ring a bell. We don't know if there is some kind of masterplan behind all this. We do know it has something to do with the MSX Revival that is going on in Japan at the moment.

Does it have anything else to do with MSX, you might wonder? Well, just have a look here. The MSX Association was given the opportunity to give a lecture at the second OCPA seminar. As you can see, the MSXPLAYer has been demonstrated.

For more info about OCPA, visit their website here