MSXPLAYer info on ZDnet Japan

by snout on 22-10-2002, 20:13
Topic: MSX Revival

The appearance of ASCII's MSX Magazine/MSXPLAYer booth at the WPC Expo 2002 got the attention of the Japanese division of ZDnet. In a small review, they write about the unexpected announcement of MSX Magazine and the free CD-ROM that comes with it.

They seem to be more surprised however, to see that the official MSX Emulator also runs on non-Windows systems. The MSXPLAYer was demonstrated on a TabletPC - which is a mix between a notebook and a PDA. ZDnet are very pleased to see that ASCII and Microsoft have found each other again on what they call the computer of the future.Interesting for us MSX users is one of the pictures in the ZDnet review in which we can see that MSX-BASIC 3.0 is now copyrighted by the MSX Association, Kazuhuko Nishi's company behind the one-chip-MSX.