Two new MSX Magazines

by snout on 18-01-2003, 01:16
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Bernard Lamers/Kuniji Ikeda

Yes, that's right. After the huge success of MSX Magazine - permanent preservation edition (also known as MSX Magazine 2003) and Fun! MSX Emulator and Games magazine both ASCII and Shuwa system have decided to release new MSX magazines later this year.

In a short timespan, 25.000 copies of MSX Magazine 2003 and 10.000 copies of MSX Emulator & Games magazine were sold. Next week, another 8.000 copies of MSX Magazine 2003 will hit the streets. There is little known about the contents of both new magazines, which will probably be released in june this year. Almost exactly 20 years after the birth of our beloved MSX computer system.