USB MSX cartridge reader

by Sander on 20-12-2002, 10:44
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Alex Wulms / MSX Mailinglist

It seems that MSX Association slowly begins with new hardware developments. The first device will be an USB-based MSX cartridge reader, which you can hook up on your PC. With this device, it will be possible to use MSX cartridges from within a MSX emulator. The MSX Association is seeking for developers outside Japan to create a worldwide standard for ROM readers.

If Sunrise or other hardware developers are willing to cooperate, please contact MSX Association. The control software for the interface will be made public so that other MSX emulators can also support the USB device. Possibly, this can also been seen as the first steps towards a new MSX. A new MSX without cartridge slots, but with an USB port instead.

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