The Arranger Team releases 'Arranger-The Complete Works'

by Latok on 18-09-2005, 22:15
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Back in 1993, Zodiac released the first of their four Arranger musicdisks. Each disk contained a great collection of arranged music for msx-music/msx-audio. The arrangements were mostly MSX related, but they often also included awesome versions of popular dance music and other tunes. Next to the four Arranger musicdisks, also the 'Moonsounds'-disk was made, a nice collection of opl4 music. In later years, Arranger Gold appeared, the first Arranger Team audio cd, containing Super Arranged Versions (SAV) of well known MSX Game music. Arranger Platinum also has been made and is partly available as MP3 downloads from their website right here. It was never released as an audio cd though.

The Arranger Team has decided to bring their entire collection of Arranger musicdisks, audio albums and a lot more back to the present day. In cooperation with Sunrise, they present to you: Arranger-The Complete Works. This awesome collection will be available in three bundles, each containing two MSX disks and one cd-rom. The MSX disks contain two original musicdisks they made in the nineties, the cd-rom contains an original Arranger audio album in MP3-files, together with a lot of bonus material like extra tracks, mini-albums, sheet music etc.

The first two bundles will already be available at the MSX fair Bussum, october 1st 2005. For the third bundle, the Arranger Team is going to make a brand new MSX musicdisk, named 'Arranger:Revival' which will be stuffed with arranged music for the opl4! The third bundle cd-rom will contain the second bundle cd-rom bonus section with unreleased tracks and brand new tracks. There will also be a new mini-album on that cd-rom, but since this final bundle is still in development, they keep its content a secret for now.

Relevant link: The Arranger Team

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By Mirg

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21-09-2005, 08:34

How much will the first two bundles cost at Bussum? I'm going to Bussum, and I most definately want to buy them! Big smile

By sunrise

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21-09-2005, 13:23

The price is 6 euro per volume

By sunrise

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21-09-2005, 13:24

Better said per bundle

By snout

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21-09-2005, 16:00

Very nice product for a very nice price. Worth every penny. I like it! Smile

By Mirg

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21-09-2005, 23:45

Great, I can afford that, heh. Big smile

Will there be enough bundles by the way? I bet a lot of people will be buying. Smile

By ro

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22-09-2005, 17:48

can some one make MP3z out of it? so we can all download'm harf harf harf.

cool thing rudemaster!

By SaebaMSX

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26-09-2005, 15:43

Hey, I will get all of them, so don't sell my units!... Smile

I don't normally listen to MP3, but it seems like it will be the format in the CD... Crying

By ashry

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02-08-2009, 20:23

When ordered, could them be delivered to Egypt? to USA?

By sunrise

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08-08-2009, 13:51

Yeah ofcourse drop me an email provided in my profile