bgMSX - How many MSX songs do you know?

by Ivan on 15-08-2006, 14:37
Topic: Music

Source: HispaMSX

bgMSX, a site dedicated to MSX music, has just opened a new section where you can evaluate your knowledge of MSX music. The system determines what MSX songs are the most popular amongst users based on the number of hits. Moreover, the level of difficulty is adjustable and is based on the previous results obtained. Your score will be registered so other people can take a look at it.

Currently bgMSX contains more than 850 songs from various MSX games.

Relevant link: bgMSX

Comments (6)

By Ivan

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15-08-2006, 14:39

LOL Nishi asking the question Tongue Tongue Tongue

By snout

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15-08-2006, 14:48

Great idea, nice photosoup. Cheers! Smile

By poke-1,170

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15-08-2006, 15:00

hahah looks like he's in some karaoke bar ^_^

By ro

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15-08-2006, 16:58

cool, but it's a bit flawed. I had a SNATCHER tune as the 5th track and it said "game over, this is a SD SNATCHER song". No it's not, pretty pretty sure. It was Midnight Science (part 1) from Snatcher damnit!

By Sonic_aka_T

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17-08-2006, 13:37

Indeed, I ran into similar trouble with SNATCHER/SD-Snatcher and Xak/Xak II... I also listed one particular song as being from Xak which I had never heard before. And I've been playing Xak a few times lately! Tongue Still, nice idea and a nice page tho... Smile

By ro

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17-08-2006, 13:57

here's a link to the results, just for fun. so you don't have to play the game in order to see some results....