GXSCC beta223

by snout on 02-11-2002, 19:53
Topic: Music

Source: Vorc

GXSCC, by Gashisoft, is a very special MIDI-Player. Like most other MIDI-Players, it is capable of playing files in SMF, MID and RPC format. What makes it special is that it uses SCC-software-wavetable emulation to make every MIDI file sound like a good old SCC chiptune. Especially the Konami MIDI-files from our MIDI-database sound really cool with this thing!This time, there is a massive changelog:

  • Added support for two ports and up to 32 tracks.
  • Drastically changed display, changes are too many to be mentioned here.
  • (Added CC00 display though it's not related to playing yet.)= Increased volume to the degree not distorted, since many people complained that was too small.
  • Now you can specify playing file at command line. Dropped icon starts the program and playing. (Shortcut to file is also supported, though almost nonsense.)
  • Added file association function. Playlist isn't implemented yet, so please make do with it. (You can use Exproler etc. as an alternate of playlist.)
  • Added checker for reduplicated start, and proper measures for it. (It passes playing file to former GXSCC if it has already started. Later GXSCC finishes silently.)
  • Now you can send e-mail to GASHISOFT via About dialog. (Simply it starts your ordinary mailer software.)
  • Playing pauses when Config dialog is opened.
  • Simpler messages are displayed not to be bothered by [OK] button, when dialogs bring irksome situations.
  • Larger Kaori-chan appears <- important =)
  • Mysterious black-out behavior.
  • Fixed really rude bug that didn't release sound device. Somebody seemed not to be able to sound until OS restart.
  • Most of sound device problems seem to be resolved.
  • Computers with low specifications sometimes couldn't stop thread of authoring, and they might have deadlocked.
  • Program finish under minimized GXSCC caused disappeared window at next startup.
  • Fixed forced finish or abnormal behavior which happened when illegal exclusive message was received. Now illegal exclusive message is ignored.
  • File name wasn't displayed when 0 byte character was included - fixed.
  • Fixed click noise which could sound at joint between buffers during using low-pass filter.
  • Fixed click noise which could sound at the top of file which applyed authoring.
  • When files which GXSCC didn't support were read after proper file was played, it misunderstood and click noise or silent playing were started. - fixed.
  • Eliminated the function that stores entire file to memory for checking whether the file was supported. It should fix the long waiting time for acquiring memory when you played a huge file by error.
  • Fixed bug that title display was messed up when files not allowed to play were loaded.
  • At authoring or when authoring was finished, it might have been stopped with "Buffer underrun" display which could never happen at authoring - fixed.
  • Buffer meter was displayed though nothing was played - fixed.
  • Fixed bugs in readme.

Download GXSCC right here