Undeadline's Forest music remake by Jorito

Undeadline's Forest music remake by Jorito

by meits on 15-11-2015, 23:49
Topic: Music

One year ago MRC webmaster Jorito's Illusion City track won a game music remake challenge at the OC ReMiX community. As the winner he got to choose the theme of the next competition. He chose the Forest track of T&E Soft's Undeadline. A number of contestants submitted their version. But as he won the previous competition he was disqualified to compete on this one. Nevertheless he wasn't too lazy to finish the track he started working on six years earlier to release it as a bonus track.

Now, one year later, Jorito releases his Marching towards Roshufa's Spirit to the MRC audience.

Relevant link: Marching towards Roshufa's Spirit

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By SkyeWelse

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16-11-2015, 05:55

Fantastic as always. Smile


By Poltergeist

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16-11-2015, 15:34

If MRC would fix the title, it would be even more awesome...

By snout

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16-11-2015, 15:55


By Jorito

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16-11-2015, 16:52


By MaverickMSX

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16-11-2015, 19:32

Very nice music ! Congratulations Jorito !

Earing this music, it reminds me this one from Konami :

At least the drum rythm ;-)