Bussum 2007 Photo shoot

by wolf_ on 09-10-2007, 01:05
Topic: Photo shoots

A few days ago, the annual MSX Fair in Bussum was being held. With an interesting amount of new products, the fair was a very fine one. One of the advantages of recent times are the widespread digital cameras and their massive storage space. We received way over 150 photos from Manuel Bilderbeek, OeiOeiVogeltje and turbor already for our ever growing Photo shoot section. Enough to keep you busy writing the inevitable comments for a while. Watch them all right here!

At MSX Resource Center, we are constantly looking for new photos of MSX events all over the world, past and present, to add to our Photo Shoots corner. If you have pictures of an MSX fair or event not yet present in our collection, please send them to photoshoots@msx.org so that we can add them as well. We are particularly interested in pictures taken during the legendary MSX fairs of the 1990s. Thanks in advance!

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By mtini

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09-10-2007, 04:47

The Manbow 2 is already finished ? How can I buy it ?

Many thanks,


By snout

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09-10-2007, 14:30

Real shame I could not be there this time. I tried, but... alas... :/

By msd

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09-10-2007, 14:48

Indeed snout. too bad. Well there is always next year Tongue

By wolf_

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09-10-2007, 15:15

Still, I think it's getting more about the people being photographed than about the actual MSX itself.

By tfh

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09-10-2007, 15:26


If you'd only publish the photo's about real MSX stuff, you would be done with 6 or 7 pictures I am afraid. Hannibal
Ah well, it's fun to see all those people change over the years. Smile

By Prodatron

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09-10-2007, 15:53

We see our MSX stuff everyday, so for me it's fine, that the photos are more focused on the people Smile
@Snout: Now I missed you already the 2nd time, hope Nijmegen '08 will work for you.

By snout

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09-10-2007, 17:21

Prodatron: I hope so too! 2007 hasn't really been a good year for me with my father & grandmother dying and a severe Epstein-Barr infection that even kept me in hospital for a couple of days. In the year in which we celebrate the 25th anniversary of MSX, things 'd better be good!

General: MSX fairs/meetings have more and more become a social event in which visitors just have a good time. Even though quite a lot is going on in the MSX community and some new hardware/software releases have found their way to the MSX fairs the main reason to visit an MSX fair is having a good time with (old and new) friends and to occasionally/finally see the people you spend a lot of on-line time with in real life. Nothing wrong with that!

By turbor

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09-10-2007, 22:23

Not that I want to start another poll on correct spelling, but I'm pretty sure that my nick/username is written as 'turbor' in all lower-case Face

By wolf_

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09-10-2007, 22:41

your wish is our command o_o

By J-War

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11-10-2007, 03:54

You have not confused mighty Ziltoid,
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Prepare yourselves for the subjugation!

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By wolf_

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11-10-2007, 12:51