Miscellaneous photoshoots section opened

by snout on 17-07-2004, 01:31
Topic: Photo shoots

A while ago we asked people to send in pictures taken on MSX fairs and meetings. We received several large photoshoots, which were already published in our photoshoots section, but sometimes we only got a few pictures, too little to do create an actual photoshoot out of it. In order to host these pictures anyway we have now opened a miscellaneous corner in our photoshoots section, where you can find several pictures of MSX related events.

For starters the miscellaneous corner contains several pictures taken by Hegega during MSX fairs and meetings in 1993 and 1994 and three pictures taken on MadriSX 2003 by Rob Hiep. For a more detailed MadriSX 2003 photoshoot you can have a look over here. Do you have some nice pictures of MSX fairs and meetings as well? Send them to photoshoots@msx.org and we will host them on the MRC!

Relevant link: MRC Photoshoots section