Stephan Szarafinski sent us a huge amount of pictures taken on Dutch MSX fairs in the mid-nineties. As of today you can find them all in our photo shoots section. We have added pictures taken on Tilburg 1995, Tilburg 1996, Zandvoort 1995, Zandvoort 1996 and Zandvoort 1997, some of the most legendary MSX fairs in MSX history.

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Relevant link: MSX Photo shoots

Comments (7)

By wolf_

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27-04-2004, 00:44

nice collection!

By Manuel

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27-04-2004, 07:09

Note that on FUNet there are also a lot of publicly accessible photoshoots available (maybe you can mirror them on MRC?):

By snout

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27-04-2004, 13:20

A question to all MRC members: did you spot yourself on some of the pictures? Which ones? Links!!! Smile

By snout

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27-04-2004, 16:02

About the funet pictures: They are publicly available, but that doesn't mean we can publish them on the MRC. Just too be sure, I'd like to have the permission of the people who took the pictures first.

By chaos

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27-04-2004, 19:51

Here you can find a part of the TWZ crew (on the right) before TwZ even existed! seems ages ago. Back then we called ourselfes J&F soft, lame eh :P but those were them days!

By Low_Profile

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27-04-2004, 22:42

OMFG!!! I look like totally ghey on one of those pics Shocked! (tilburg '95) well, maybe not ghey, but i've looked happier Smile

By Whizzy

Master (213)

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29-04-2004, 10:18

hehe i can find myself also on these pictures !! Really nice pictures, now i have some photo's of the best MSX fairs ever... Too bad you'll see that the amount of visitors really went down after 1996..
What's also cool is too see that we were actually SOLD OUT during on of these fairs.. OMG...