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by JohnHassink on 29-10-2010, 14:26
Topic: Software

About 13 years ago, an MSX developer named Cybernetic released a playable promo of a game that was to be a Nemesis styled shooter for MSX2, one that could scroll in multiple directions. Unfortunately, the game was never finished. Recently, MRC admin DemonSeed excavated a huge load of his old disks and found this quite impressive piece of work. You can even ask a friend to help you shooting enemies to kingdom come, since this promo supports dual player mode, a feature known from Konami's classic Salamander.

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Relevant link: Ablaze promo

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By JohnHassink

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29-10-2010, 14:35

By Manuel

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29-10-2010, 19:05

I remember it was demo'd on the MSX fair in Zandvoort in 1997 by the MCD (MSX Club Drechtsteden) folks... Was very promising back then, because no one had seen a non-commercial all-direction smooth scrolling shooter back then.


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29-10-2010, 20:51

great game
it was even more advanced than totalparody
but if you always know in which direction you are going to scroll this helps a lot

By PingPong

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31-10-2010, 00:56

there is also a 64 sprites mux engine...

By Manuel

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09-05-2016, 23:06