Bombaman news update

by Jorito on 10-02-2003, 01:40
Topic: Software

Team Bomba has given us an extensive update on the progress of their highly anticipated game 'Bombaman'. As their briefing actually says it all, we decided to print it down here.

"After a while of silence, we decided it was time to update everybody on our never ending project Bombaman. First of all, from now on our site can be accessed through!
Also, we've done quite some work on our site, resulting in a new look.

Some other, more important news, is that finally we were able to send out the game's beta version to our testers! As we speak, our testers are hard at work testing the gameplay, ensuring the gameplay is as good as possible when we release the game! In the meanwhile, we're hard at work finishing the remaining parts of the game, and polishing the things that could use some more work.

As for release dates, no date is set, the game will be released when it's ready :-). A lot of people have been asking us for a release date, but since we're not good at keeping deadlines, we've more or less decided to go without a real deadline. Instead, we'll just keep on working on the game, improving it until we think it's ready enough. But... for the real impatient people: the game should be ready this year.

Last but not least, for the die-hard Bombaman fans, or for anyone interested, Jorito wrote a Making Of Bombaman text, where you can read how this project started, with a lot of background information, a bit on the current status of the game, and some other bits of information. You can read the text on our About page.

Anyways, don't forget to visit Bombaman HQ at and send fanmail at :)"