Bombaman -review-

by Latok on 15-01-2004, 14:26
Topic: Software

Only a few days left until the official startshot is being given for a new MSX year. The MSX 2004 fair in Oss is going to be a fantastic showcase of what our community is capable of. The MSX Resource Center will pay attention to the Snowfall Challenge we have organized over the last months, the highlight of the fair however is of course the release of Bombaman.

Team Bomba have been so kind to provide us with a copy of Bombaman in prior to the official release. This was of course reason for us to have a close look at the game and give it an extensive review.

If you are still in doubt whether or not to come to Oss, we would suggest you start reading here

Relevant link: Bombaman -review-

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By Omega

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15-01-2004, 14:46

Bombaman rocks!

Maybe the reviewer could add a paragraph about gameplay, things like if it is really fun to play and how the levels are balanced, difficulty level, if the game captured the addictiveness of the original Bomberman, etc. Things I wanna know as a gamer.

By Grauw

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15-01-2004, 16:26

Heehee, can't wait to get my hands on a copy!


By msxgamesbox

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15-01-2004, 17:27

Almost all languages supported except French ... damn!
Anyway, can't wait to get it!!! But not at Oss unfortunately;