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by snout on 28-05-2006, 01:14
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mars2000you, MRC regular and webmaster of msxblue, has released an English version of Crappysoft's entry to MSXdev'04: Computer Wars. The manual to the game was translated as well. With this adaptation, the game now runs from DSK, allowing you to run the game in R800 mode as well. As Spanish uses might appreciate this too, mars2000you also released an updated Spanish version of the game.

Relevant link: Computer Wars - English
Relevant link: Computer Wars - Spanish

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By mars2000you

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28-05-2006, 16:00

I hope that the MSX community will appreciate the English version Smile

By pushing further my tests with this game, I've noticed that the design can be a little different if you use an European or an Japanese machine, because the game uses "graphical" letters in screen 1. It gives even some strange results on 'exotic' machines like the Arabic MSX.

What's more interesting to know is the fact that it's impossible to run the game on a Korean MSX2 (although it works on a Korean MSX1). All the screens after the intro are 'distorted' and the intro is itself strange. I guess the problem comes from the presence of the special Korean software for the big hangul characters (the so-called screen 9). Maybe something to explore further to build someday an European MSX2 with the screen 9 ???? Wink