FAT16 patch for MSX-DOS 2.41

by snout on 04-03-2003, 23:15
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A while ago, Okei created an updated version of her FAT16 patch for DOS 2.xx. This new version also supported MSX-DOS versions 2.40 and 2.41. Now that COMMAND 2.41 has become freeware, the time has come to release this patch as well.

Right here you can download the file to patch command2.com version 2.xx to support FAT16 partitions. Enjoy!

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By BiFi

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05-03-2003, 14:37

I didn't know Okei added data to patch MSX-DOS 2.40 as well.


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11-03-2003, 07:37

This patch is not perfect as it breaks %@DISKUSED[]% function. There is one more byte left to patch.