FTP client for MSX 1.01

by snout on 24-04-2005, 21:22
Topic: Software
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Source: HispaMSX mailinglist

Konamiman has just released a new version of his FTP client for MSX, which can be used in combination with InterNestor Lite. Changes in this version:

  • Fixed a bug which made sending and receiving data in Z80 mode impossible
  • When opening a connection to an FTP server, you can now cancel the process by clicking ESC

Relevant link: Konamiman's MSX pages

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By konamiman

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26-04-2005, 09:34

There is a small misunderstanding about the new features of the program:

- The bug was that data send and receive was not possible in Z80 mode.

- The process can be cancelled when the connection is OPENING.

But anyway, the moral is: use the new version! :-)

By snout

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26-04-2005, 11:27

fxd, I suppose Wink