GEM 1.0

by wolf_ on 13-08-2010, 11:13
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A new version of TNI's GEM has been released, at its tenth anniversary it finally landed at version 1.0. GEM is a Gameboy emulator for MSX and uses dynamic recompilation in order to archive enjoyable performance. Since version 0.9990, released back in 2007, a Graphics9000 is required. This version features a lot of improvements, categorized under the following sections (more details in GEM.TXT included in the GEM archive):

  • Greatly improved sound emulation
  • Greatly improved Dynamic Recompiler
  • Greatly improved memory management
  • Removed F5 key sound switch from configuration mode
  • Optimized GB Sprite DMA

Relevant link: TNI

Comments (4)

By guantxip

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13-08-2010, 17:35

Great! LOL!

By guantxip

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13-08-2010, 19:20

I've testing two games. Bomb jack is playable (32k) and Castlevania 2 (1mb) works in slow motion. It's normal?

Tested on Turbo R st (512k internal) + 4mb external + SCC. I don't know if GEM recognizes external 4mb. (Franky Loader don't recognizes external memory on Turbo R)

By Yukio

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14-08-2010, 04:42

Cool! I was thinking about it ... Nice memories.

By hap

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19-08-2010, 15:12
v1.01 fixes a problem when used with internal memmapper