Internestor beta 5

by anonymous on 07-07-2002, 16:24
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Néstor Soriano strikes again with a new beta of his Internet suite for MSX-DOS2. This time the new features and updates are:

  • Even more improved TCP module. It should have no more serious bugs.
  • New PPP module, with some bugs regarding the options negotiationcorrected.
  • New version of the FTP client, with some bugs corrected and a pair ofnew features.
  • A true telnet client (not just TCP console), although only a few telnet options are recognized.
  • New version of the dialer NDIAL.COM. Now it accepts any string from the modem indicating success, not only CONNECT (configurable via environment variable). Besides, the initial error checking feature (using the environment variable INSERROR) is now optional.
  • New version of PPPC.COM, to make the error checking feature optional as well.

Néstor plans this to be the last beta release of InterNestor. The next version will be a final, only to be updated if bugs occur.Néstor asks the help of other MSX usesrs to create Internet applications for InterNestor. The suite API is fully documented in theTXT attached to the beta, besides the source codes of the PING and theTCP console programs are included. As a special 'summer promotion', everyone who develops applications for InterNestor Suite will receive his autograph for free. Smile