InterNestor Lite 0.2

by snout on 06-01-2004, 16:54
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Konamiman released a new version of InterNestor Lite today. This program makes it possible to connect an MSX2 (or higher) with 128kB RAM, DOS1 or DOS2 and an RS232 interface to the internet. Programmers can code their own internet utilities (e.g. an IRC client) for InterNestor Lite. Changes in this version:

  • UDP support
  • Resolver
  • Complete user's and programmer's manual
  • PING client and TFTP client/server, both including the source code

More than enough reasons to give it a try and let the developer know what you think of it!

Relevant link: Konamiman's website

Comments (4)

By Algorythms

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08-01-2004, 09:26

Cool! Keep up the good work, man!

By cax

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08-01-2004, 11:09

I am going to check 0.2 on my diskless MSX2 running MSX-DOS1 from a ramdisk, maybe this time it will work (0.1 didn't) ... or maybe it's just fossil driver don't work on a ramdisk...

By konamiman

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10-01-2004, 21:43

So you use RAM disk on DOS 1? Then this smells like a conflict on the usage of the mapped memory segments...

Please make sure that:

1) When creating the RAM disk, you leave at least two unused segments for INL.

2) The RAM disk and INL do not use the same segments. Use the /S option when installing INL if necessary (I wonder that it is indeed necessary, since INL uses the two last segments on the primary mapper and I guess that the RAM disk does the same).

By cax

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11-01-2004, 16:19

Nestor, 10x, if I understand correctly, the problem is that corrupts the memory somehow. Yes, of course I use /S switch, so INL takes the pages that not used by ramdisk.
Will be nice if I could understand how works and how it uses ram...