Internestor Suite 1.0

by snout on 21-12-2002, 21:41
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Source: Néstor Soriano on the MSX Mailinglist

After releasing several beta versions of his Internet Suite for MSX-DOS2, Néstor Soriano (a.k.a. Konamiman) released a final version of InterNestor Suite. This means there will be no more updates, unless bugs are found. With InterNestor it's possible to create your own Internet applications for MSX (like an IRC cliënt). A fully working FTP-client and a telnet client are already included! New in this version: Improved UDP support was added to the IP module. Now there is no need to manually generate an UDP header for the outgoing UDP datagrams, and there is a new routine for obtaining the incoming UDP datagrams having a given source port, destination port and/or source IP address.

A few weeks ago, Néstor let us know that he finished his studies with the InterNestor project. After a great presentation he got the best grades possible and a job offering. To our knowledge, Néstor is the second person in the world who finished his studies with an MSX-project! The MSX Resource Center would like to congratulate Néstor for finishing his studies!

You can get InterNestor Suite 1.0 right here

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By konamiman

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21-12-2002, 23:59

I wonder how the hell did you know about the "job offering"!! X-D

But it was not exactly a job offering. One of the teachers who examined me told me about an enterprise searching for Java programmers, just this. Anyway I wonder it can't be worse than programming in Visual Basic (my current job) so I applied for the offer. Now, let's wait...

By snout

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22-12-2002, 13:25

Hehehe... we have got nice sources Wink. Anyway, moving from VB to Java sounds like an improvement to me.

By DarQ

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22-12-2002, 15:15

òh yes, VB sucks incredible. Go for it!

By anonymous

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22-12-2002, 16:03

Again, congrats Konamiman!
It's funny... I just heard Nicola Salmoria, the person who started MAME, also recently graduated with maximum vote 'n stuff. He wrote his thesis on MAME and reverse engineering!
I think combining hobbies and studies like this makes learning a lot more fun Smile