Let's Quickly Play MSXdev Games!

by FiXato on 14-07-2011, 09:42
Topic: Software

What started with recordings of two Yahtzee games, Breetveld's Yathzee and dvik's Yahtzee, after finding the former's BASIC listing on MSX Blue, turned into an initiative to record all available MSXdev games. FiXato, known for various walkthrough recordings, took it upon himself to have a go at this daunting task to record these games for future generations.

With over 100 games released so far through MSXdev, it might take a while before every game has been recorded. While his recordings might not be true Let's (Quickly) Play walkthroughs, since (for now) they lack narrative commentary and don't always finish a game, he does attempt to show as much of each game as possible, giving you a nice picture of the game's features and gameplay.

Even though the recordings are done with the TAS-approved emulator openMSX, the use of its reversing capability is kept to a minimum so you can get an idea of the difficulty of each game, giving an interesting beginner's point of view of those games. The other recorded games in this first package are: Penguin Race, Teki Paki (beta), Chocobo Racing, Kralizec Tetris 8K, Kralizec Tetris Battle 8K, and MSXdev04 winner Sink King. While technically not an MSXdev title, the improved Kralizec's Tetris for MSX has also been played and recorded.

Relevant link: Let's Quickly Play MSXdev Games!

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By JohnHassink

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14-07-2011, 14:00

Great work & goal FiXato! Smile
BTW, I love Sink King. Everything about it is awesome.

By meits

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14-07-2011, 14:56

You go FiXato... I'm gonna watch those vids and might finally play one of those games... Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By FiXato

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14-07-2011, 16:02

Yeah, so far Sink King is my favourite of the MSXdev04 games as well. Smile
Haven't played all of them yet, but so far it deserved winning it. Big smile
I do think that with games like Tetris, I might have to force losing a bit earlier perhaps, to prevent people getting bored halfway. Tongue

By Imanok

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14-07-2011, 17:51

Great initiative! Smile

Record them at 60Hz, please!

By hap

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14-07-2011, 18:21

60hz? That depends on the game. For example Universe Unknown (2nd place in MSXdev05) is definitely meant to be played at 50hz

fix: good initiative =)

By Imanok

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14-07-2011, 19:30

Of course, when a game switches to 50Hz itself, it should be recorded at 50Hz.

Anyway, I think I beated UU at 60Hz... why do you say it should be played at 50Hz?

By wolf_

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14-07-2011, 20:15

I guess because the music was made for 50..

By Edwin

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15-07-2011, 00:29

More importantly, it was made for European msx1 machines because it was a European contest.

By Imanok

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15-07-2011, 12:55

I thought the MSXDev was a worldwide contest... Smile

Anyway... I think if developers want/need their game to be run at 50Hz, they should make it switch automatically to 50Hz to avoid it being played at 60Hz.

Apart from that (and this is a personal opinion) I think all games made for our beloved japanese system, should be programmed to run at 60Hz Wink

By Paulbrk

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15-07-2011, 16:10

Very nice iniciative Fixato.

Please record Menace with "Blend consecutive frames" option activated on BlueMSX, because on Youtube, the videos are only 25 fps and the game will look good with that setting activated.

Let me show you an example of how it will look:


By FiXato

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16-07-2011, 02:03

Paulbrk: the day BlueMSX will run natively on Mac OS X, I'll consider recording in BlueMSX; till that day, you'll have to do with the settings I have available for recording in openMSX. Smile
Also, the Let's Plays are meant to give people an idea of the gameplay, not necessarily the graphics imho. You'll never get the proper looks with emulators/LCD screens anyway. If people want to see what it's supposed to look like, they can run it on their real MSX.

Also: the fact that I do Let's Plays, doesn't mean you (or others) can't make their own recordings. If you want to have something recorded in a specific way, feel free to make one yourself. Smile

Finally, since I'll be recording the MSXdev contests in consecutive order, it'll be a while before it's Menace's turn. Smile