by snout on 28-05-2004, 18:34
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On Hans Otten's website an interesting tool for Panasonic MSX2+ and turboR machines can be found: MemTR. Unlike other MSX computers the BIOS of these Panasonic machines places page 3 and page 2 in its internal memory. If an external memory expansion is used, many old software tiltles and MSX-DOS 1.xx will not use this external memory. MemTR solves this problem, and looks for the largest available memory mapper available, and uses that mapper for the 4 main memory pages. The tool does not work in MSX-DOS 2.xx as of yet. Another think to keep in mind is that an external memory mapper is not as fast as the internal memory of the devices. MemTR was developed by Armando Perez.

Relevant link: Hans Otten's website

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By SaebaMSX

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29-05-2004, 13:15

I hate registering again, but my account was not working... well, ehrm... here it goes...

Snout, don't you think that it'd be wiser if you added the name of the creator of this util? He deserves it. Smile

So, giving some credits to Armando Perez (Ramones) won't hurt that much Tongue

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By snout

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29-05-2004, 15:01

Heya Saeba! (suubuu??) Good to have you back on the MRC dude. About that name ...

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