Meridian 2.2

by snout on 16-08-2002, 18:57
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: Michiel de Vries

We already announced the coming of a new version of this MIDI-editor a few days ago and, well... here it is! Changelog:

  • Helptext has been extended
  • All .COM modules replaces by one MERIDIAN.PGM file. This file contains all executable code of the MERIDIAN program
  • Functions for clearing specified events, transpose note events and changing velocity have been restyled
  • Saving a song in SMF format 0 or 1 operational. No SysEx yet
  • Window for setting the tracks has been restyled
  • You can change the MIDI settings again while playing the song
  • MIDI driver editor version 1.0 fully operational: create a MIDI driver for your own MIDI device
  • System Exclusive editor version 2.0 fully operational: now you can load, edit, send, receive or store SysEx messages (maximum limited to 250 messages)

You can download the program for free at the Meridian website. Also there are drivers available for Korg N264/N364 and Roland JV-30 synthesizers, Korg 05/RW and Roland Super JV-1080 soundmodules and even one for a Roland Super JV-1080 with the sound-expansionboard 'Orchestral II' on expansionslot A. Go check it out!