Meridian 3.0 beta

by snout on 28-06-2003, 00:55
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Michiel de Vries has put a new beta-version of Meridian 3.0 on his website. This is the first version on the internet that is capable of playing MIDI-files using the Sunrise Moonsound soundcartridge.

Meridian is a MIDI-Sequencer using a powerful windowing system and a delta-steptime based tracker. Here are some release notes of Michiel de Vries:

  • Be sure to download the Opl4 soundbank for GM playback as well.
  • There are 11 *.mer demo songs on the music-site. There are arrangements of MIDI-files
  • The piano-programs are not tuned very well. That will be fixed in a next release of the Opl4 GM-soundbank.
  • Playback of 4Op-FM tones and PCM-USR works fine now.
  • If no 4OP-FM tones are played, set the FM channel select to 1 or more 4OP-FM channels (Opl4 global settings).
  • PCM-USR that uses SRAM samples are not implemented yet.
  • Pitchbending and modulation are not implemented in this version, I'm working on it now.

Relevant link: Meridian website