Meridian 3.0 beta2

by snout on 29-07-2003, 20:57
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Michiel de Vries has been making a lot of progress since the previous release of Meridian. A new beta version of this extraordinary music tracker can now be downloaded exclusively on the MSX Resource Center. In this new version, a lot of the suggestions in this forum thread were added, like:

  • Pitch-bending on OPL4 works
  • Modulation on OPL4 works
  • Pan controller works immediately now
  • An indicator shows which step is being played during playback
  • You can scroll up and down through the channels during playback
  • When you press <stop> while playing, the editor stops at that specific page
  • When creating a new song you have the option to start with default settings (like Acoustic piano and equal steps)
  • When creating a new song, the editor jumps back to page 1, step 1
  • There is an 'Are you sure?' question before saving songs now

You can download this version here

In order to listen to General MIDI files on OPL4 be sure to download the General MIDI soundbank as well.

Relevant link: Meridian 3.0 beta2

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By Latok

msx guru (3929)

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30-07-2003, 15:25

I have a small addition to all this. The first downloaders of Meridian have a file named 'meridian.hlp'. This is the helpfile. Meridian, though, searches for the file ''. We have changed this already in the current LZH-package, but if you were early with downloading, please rename 'meridian.hlp' to ''.

By MichieldeVries

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30-07-2003, 23:58

Hmmmm yeah... that's right. I was a bit too fast, that I didn't check that thing.

By snout

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31-07-2003, 12:00

Ok, even despite my tight timeschedule I had the time to play a bit with Meridian. AWESOME! Can't wait for an improved OPL soundbank, though Wink