Meridian 3.0 beta3

by Latok on 04-01-2004, 01:42
Topic: Software

On their new and improved webpage, MIDIphonics have released a new version of Meridian, a MIDI sequencer for MSX2 and higher with at least 512kbyte RAM, DOS2 and a MIDI controller such as the Philips Music Module or the Panasonic turboR FS-A1 GT built-in MSX-MIDI.

Meridian can play and edit Standard MIDI Files (*.MID-files). Because of the support of SMF, there is a lot of music available for your MSX computer. Meridian also offers the possibility to create your own MIDI drivers, because of the large variety of MIDI devices. Of course, also a special Meridian fileformat (*.MER) is available.

A lot of MSX users don't have any MIDI equipment but they do have a Moonsound, a soundcard for MSX with a Yamaha OPL4 soundchip on board. This soundcard also holds a complete General MIDI (GM)-bank. Meridian supports the Moonsound. Both the FM part (OPL3) and the wavetable part (OPL4) are integrated.

What's new in the latest version:

  • MIDI IN support in OPL4 tone-, program- and drum editors. Note on with velocity, Note off, Sustain pedal, Pitch bending, Program change and Pan controller are supported
  • Frequency calculation for FM and PCM have been improved
  • New OPL4 soundbank for GM
  • A lot of bugfixing

So, finally it is really possible to control the OPL4 as a true MIDI device! One should check the OPL4 program editor and see for yourself! The OPL4 can produce incredible fat sounds, combining FM and PCM tones. On bank 2, MIDIphonics have already put 10 programs with very cool results. If you want to have some more astonishing sounds, just create your own. It's easy! The new OPL4 soundbank is also very impressive. Previous soundbanks had false notes, this one is completely 'on tune'.

And what's best, both Meridian 3.0 beta3 and the new OPL4 soundbank for GM are free for download from the MRC Downloads database. Get them now! By the way, we already added the new OPL4 soundbank for GM to the Meridian 3.0 beta3 download package. The soundbank stays available seperately, of course.

Relevant link: The official Meridian for MIDI and OPL4 page

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By Grauw

Ascended (10818)

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04-01-2004, 18:24

Hmm, as it doesn't seem anyone is going to say it for me... Cool! *grin*...

I haven't tried it (sorry, no time -_-;Wink, but I will soon. Looking forward to be able to listen to MIDI's properly without false notes, hehe Smile. And also to the 'fat sounding tones', makes me very curious.


By ro

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04-01-2004, 18:54

little inside info on how to create 'fattening'
- source signal on left, delayed signal between 10-40 ms on the right (panned hard)
- Detune a few cents. can be centered or as above (org. on left, detun on right)

these are just a few little tricks to produce wider sounds.. thought it would be cool to share.

By Latok

msx guru (3959)

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04-01-2004, 19:28

I already had quite some fun with creating programs on the OPL4 with both FM- and PCM-tones. And as ro says, toying with detuning and delaying really gives nice effects.

I did encounter some 'computer hangs' though. Especially when using the MIDI-IN part in the OPL4 program editor.

Nonetheless, a huge step forward, again! Now hopefully they'll go for the support of PCM samples in the onboard Moonsound RAM and of course realtime recording through the MIDI-IN Smile

By snout

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04-01-2004, 22:04

In a word: MARVELLOUS. This is what I have been waiting for. And then to think it will even get better. Realtime MIDI recording on MSX in a windowed user-friendly environment. Atari eat your heart out Tongue

I still love the idea behind the delta-steptime editor. It gives great possibilities.

By Latok

msx guru (3959)

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05-01-2004, 00:20

Yeah well, Grauw. About that 'on tune' GM soundbank? It looks like this NEW and IMPROVED GM soundbank for OPL4, the way MIDIphonics are reffering it to on their website, is in fact a soundbank which I have received from them somewhere in november. It doesn't have all the GM programs tuned, but the GM programs which ARE tuned are 100% on tune. About 60-70 GM programs are tuned. Don't ask me why they bring it as a new GM soundbank for OPL4, though. The previous public version was a lot more usable.

By selios2000

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23-03-2015, 17:20

Would be nice someone makes a solution for all his bugs...