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by NYYRIKKI on 14-04-2006, 21:27
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Tero Weckroth and Mika Savolainen have declared their Finnish MSX1 game Miner Machine freeware. The game, which was inspired by the classic Boulder Dash, was released in Finland in 1986.

The game was originally published by the Boss company. The original game source was lost, as it was written on paper and entered into MSX as machine code from BASIC. The version in our MSX downloads section has been patched by Nyyrikki to support MSX-BIOS calls properly.

Relevant link: Miner Machine

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By BiFi

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14-04-2006, 21:49

Never knew Miner Machine was made in Finland.


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15-04-2006, 20:47

If anyone has information about locations where this game has been distributed or company names, that has been distributing the game, please tell about it...

Authors think, they got pissed off in some distribution deals quite good.

By wolf_

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15-04-2006, 22:36

well, as you already know, it's on "30 MSX hits", where the game -for me at least- never ever ran.


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15-04-2006, 23:28

Original version did not run on any MSX2, MSX2+ or MSX tR because it used non standard entry point to BIOS clear screen routine in order to avoid Z-flag check.