MNBIOS - status update

by flyguille on 13-02-2004, 17:00
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

In the coming weeks the first useable version of MNBIOS will most likely be released. Working towards that release, the developer has fixed several bugs and made several improvements to this new non-compatible BIOS for MSX. One problem remained however: MNBIOS does not yet support all Floppy Disk Controllers, yet only the external Daewoo/Talent DPF-550 FDC, which supports double sided 5 1/4" floppy disks. These interfaces are extremely rare in Europe and Japan.

To make things even worse: there was no emulator that could emulate this FDC either. Now, this has changed as a small bug was removed from openMSX which prevented MNBIOS to work. On the MNBIOS Website you can already download a correct hardwareconfig XML file which allows you to emulate the Talent FDC. On the same website you can view the programmers manual and the developers' logs. People who would like to give MNBIOS a try should wait a bit longer, however. The developer plans to release a public beta at the end of february.

Relevant link: MNBIOS Website