Moonsound support in Meridian

by snout on 27-09-2002, 09:57
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Michiel de Vries, developer of the MIDI player/editor Meridian posted the following message on the MSX Mailinglist: I was wondering if there are Moonsound users who are satisfied with the existing editors for the Moonsound. As far as I know only Moonblaster can be used for editting songs for the Moonsound. But I can be wrong...At this moment I have finished routines for loading songs in MWM and MFM format in Meridian. I have studied the technical documentation and the replayer for MWM files, and the conclusion is that it is not that hard to integrate the Moonsound into Meridian. Of course this is only interesting if there are Moonsound users who are not satisfied with Moonblaster for Moonsound.Some advantages after integrating the Moonsound into Meridian:

  • Playing MIDI files on the moonsound
  • Load MWM and MFM files and save them to a standard MIDI file
  • Combining MIDI voices via MIDI and human voices via the Moonsound

Two problems in this case:

  • I should make Meridian a better Moonsound editor than Moonblaster already is
  • I don't have a Moonsound at this moment (but I could buy one)

This is just a sugestion. Like I wrote, MFM and MWM files can be loaded right now, but the routines to support the Moonsound must be programmed from scratch.The only thing I would like to hear is, if there are people who are enthousiastic about this plan.

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By Arjan

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27-09-2002, 22:31

yes, that would be very cool! just being able to play midi-files on moonsound would be cool, but having a better tracker than MBWAVE would be even better!

By snout

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28-09-2002, 00:03

I've been waiting for (something like) this for quite some time too. If Michiel gets this running, Moonsound will finally be able to show what its capabilities really are!


Supporter (3)

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28-09-2002, 15:10


It would make Meridian much greater then it already is...


By Jorito

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29-09-2002, 00:07

Go for it! It would be about time to see a decent tracker for the Moonsound! Also, the combo of MIDI and Moonsound would ROCK!

Go Michiel go! Smile

By Leo

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29-09-2002, 20:11

Well I use Moonsound + moonblaster.
If Meridian was supporting OPL4 , I would move to meridian.
In my opinion, Meridian has to support the best soundcard for MSX.

By msd

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01-10-2002, 08:41

Great Idea Michiel,

If you need any information or code for the OPL4 then let me know.

Greetings Marcel Delorme