In some parts of the world, one has to rely on the tooth fairy to trade their milk teeth for a small gift. In other places, this job is done by a little mouse called Pérez. Some while ago, our Spain-based MSX friends at Konamito initiated an MSX-BASIC contest. In september a contender with the name Pérez the Mouse by developer theNestruo was announced. We're glad to inform you that this entry recently has been completed and released. The result is a polished looking, colorful action platformer, in which you have to lead little Pérez past owls, cats and ghosts in order to help him do what he does best - trading children's teeth for presents. The game has been issued in cassette format, so hook up those (virtual) tapedecks and start your engines!  

Relevant link: Konamito - Pérez the Mouse

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By JohnHassink

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31-10-2011, 00:17

If I'm understanding it well, a disk version will follow!
Check at Konamito for more details.

By Rataplan

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31-10-2011, 10:00

Holy cr#p, in basic? Congratulations on that great job! Curious to see it running Smile

By PingPong

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31-10-2011, 22:58

running? like a dead snail

By ren

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03-02-2017, 17:28

This is a nice little game btw Smile (forget the negative comment above.. ^^)

I recently finished it, too bad it isn't longer.. Wink

Relevant link: Recuerdos de 8 Bits: Perez The Mouse (The Nestruo, 2011)