MSX Hot Numbers Demo

by MSX Resource Center on 30-12-2002, 22:37
Topic: Software

Dochinpira, also known as MsxKun is programming a new MSX game called MSX Hot numbers. MSX Hot numbers is a simple puzzle game. It's the first MSX2 game developed by Dochinpira.Today, a second demo of the game was released. The game is almost finished. If you'd like to see a nice promo, have a look at this demo in .DSK format. If this link doesn't work, surf to this site and download the file. The game requires an MSX2 with MSX-Music, 128KB RAM and 128KB VRAM. The final game will be released for free.If you have suggestions, please contact dochinpira

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By snout

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30-12-2002, 22:54

It's very nice to see that many developers start releasing products again! Keep up the good work developers all around the world!!

By msxgamesbox

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30-12-2002, 23:43

Evil game, but it's nice to see indeed some new developments on our favourite platform. Keep it on!

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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01-01-2003, 00:55

Thanks for your support. I don't think it's an evil game. It's simply, it's my first, but.. i thank your opinion a lot. I'm working now on a new game, and i hope it will be better.

By snout

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01-01-2003, 01:42

Be sure to keep us posted on your new games!


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04-01-2003, 00:54

What a strange game!Curious....but devilish´addictive!Nice work MSXKu.......oooops,sorry :-P.Keep on rockin with your MSX and keep on making this great and "obsolete" work !!