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by pitpan on 30-12-2003, 23:50
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On March 13th Eduardo Robsy Petrus opened the MSXdev'03 competition. With this competition he celebrated the 20th anniversary of MSX and he challenged people to develop one or more games for the computer on which it all began: A genuine MSX1 with 16kB RAM and 16kB VRAM.

Many people accepted the challenge, but only little succeeded. This resulted in a change of plans. Instead of a tough competition with interesting prizes the main objective became to get new MSX1 games released. Today, the results were put online on Robsy's website: three new MSX1 games.

Penguin Race by Alfonso D.C. is an original betting game. Three penguins are racing against each other, which one will win? Place your bets (of course in fish) and see if it's your lucky day.

Teki Paki by WYZ is based on the arcade game with the same name. It has similarities with Tetris and Columns, but it's a lot more difficult.

Finally, Guru Logic is an MSX1 conversion of the addictive puzzle game Aiky released in 2001 for Gameboy Advance. Please note that this is not the Guru Logic that was announced in ASCII MSX Magazine 2, on which we reported earlier in our MSX resource Center goes Japan report and photo shoot.

Relevant link: Robsy's MSX Workshop

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By viejo_archivero

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02-01-2004, 11:15

Great Guru Logi Champ version: tons of stages, the posibility of load new worlds from tape, full color graphics and awesome gameplay. An excellent conversion. Penguin Race is a funny game too, and the music sounds good.

By gdx

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04-07-2022, 11:02

It's really a shame that Teki-Paki was abandoned so close to the goal.

The beta version not work on real MSX1 due to too fast accesses to the VDP and interrupts not being disabled when necessary but It was easy to fix.

You can download the fixed beta version here:

I hope the developer will one day have time to finish it.