MSXdev'11 - #9 Alter Ego

MSXdev'11 - #9 Alter Ego

by wolf_ on 01-02-2012, 01:08
Topic: Software
Tags: TNI, MSXdev

Entry nine comes from The New Image. It's a conversion from a NES conversion of a ZX Spectrum game. But all that is mere trivia, the fact that puzzle fans can put their brains to the test is truly the important bit here. Alter Ego is a platform game in which the player needs to collect small objects, or 'pixels' as the manual states. It's one of those games where the exact definition of objects complete doesn't matter. Using ladders and falling down from platforms will move you from platform to platform, both of you in fact. You have an alter ego walking around too, going where you go, but then mirrored across the screen. In a way comparable to the old MSX game Binary Land, except that your alter ego can move through walls and enemies, it just can't pick up 'pixels'. You can switch locations between your alter ego for a limited amount of times. That's the game; find out a path how to collect all these 'pixels'. Naturally, the enemies are there to make things more difficult than they need to be.. but that's the challenge, isn't it? An 48KB ROM for hours worth o' puzzle pleasure.

Relevant link: MSXdev'11 - Alter Ego

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By Lord_Zett

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01-02-2012, 07:51

wha puzzle game. great one.

By hap

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01-02-2012, 14:46

Random someone on IRC (me Tongue) pasting links to fun indie games like this one --> Hey this one's really fun and doable on MSX --> 2 months later --> yay.

Fun puzzler. To get an impression of the game, here's the NES one:

By Sander

Founder (1871)

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01-02-2012, 18:50

Maybe not an original concept, but what is? Jumping platforms? It's an original concept game for MSX. Love the idea and certainly gonna try it out.

By Manuel

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01-02-2012, 21:08

I really liked it already in Nijmegen and I still really like it!

By Hydragon

Paladin (750)

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01-02-2012, 21:32

I tried the game already at Nijmegen, I already love puzzle games, so good work TNI! I love the game Big smile Now I need to try to finish it somehow Tongue

By nanochess

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01-02-2012, 22:22

I played it tonight, embarrassingly I'm stuck in second screen.

By MäSäXi

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02-02-2012, 18:33

I haven´t cared of puzzle games for last two decades, but this is something I do enjoy!! It´s simple and colourful graphics + really enjoyable musical score are made for my eyes and ears. Smile I thank  the original composer for these nice ingame tunes!!!! Smile It´s nice that tune changes after few screens! Smile (and thank you to those who converted it properly to our MSX!Smile)

By nanochess

Master (222)

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15-02-2012, 17:54

Finally I've passed all screens Smile

By FiXato

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23-06-2012, 18:32

For those who are stuck, feel free to watch the perfect playthrough at :)
Or watch me stumble at the first levels:

By gdx

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13-07-2022, 02:41

I like this game. It's a pity that it doesn't work well on real MSX1. VDP accesses are too fast. Is there any hope for an update?