Muffie has just announced yet another conversion in his steady stream of conversions. This time it concerns a game from the SG-1000 Sega Console: Shinnyuushain Tooru-Kun, also known as Mikie at the Arcades.

The game's action takes place in a school, where Mikie, who's in love with the school's cheer leader, has to collect hearts in several different rooms while always trying to escape the janitor, his teacher etc.

Features of this conversion:

  • No custom intros or new copyright messages (unless you hold [1] during boot to see Muffie's message)
  • Works with any 64KB MSX, even those with ram in different slots, like Sony HB-F500P
  • Cool colors on MSX2 or higher (can be disabled by holding [2] during boot)
  • Refresh frequency fix on MSX2 or higher
  • Joystick and Keyboard support
  • Released as a 32KB ROM file, enabling you to burn it on a Megaflash card or even creating yourself a regular cartridge

As usual, Muffie has published a YouTube video showing the game in action, and in the next few days the game will probably be released. Never taking a break, Muffie is already planning his next conversion, which may include some custom made graphics. We'll keep you updated!

Relevant link: Muffie conversions - Mikie video

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By LeandroCorreia

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20-11-2008, 18:01

Good. But as I said once, I do hope that either Slotman or Muffie starts creating a new game for MSX. Since they hate themselves, they'll start to compete and we'll soon have dozens of new games. Wink

By muffie

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20-11-2008, 22:21

Actually, in my opinion, the skills needed to create new games are very different from the ones you need to convert something. Converting a game like all these ones is very similar to software crack. Software crack, in my opinion is a very logical and challenging task (not judging the copyright concerns) and I'm really having fun doing it. Creating from scratch SN76489 emulation routines for the AY-3-8910 and complete msx slot/subslot routines (without using BIOS), debugging the original code, studying Coleco, Sg-1000, Master System and even MSX was also really challenging and funny.
But, creating a game requires (at least for my standards), more worries about user experience, more testing and creation of new graphics and music. Music and Graphics, doesn't really matter how much I would like to create good pieces: Im just not talented enough for that...

I'll probably try to go deeper on my z80 and TMS9918 learning now. But I can assure that it's easier to see (in the future) a DEMO or a Music Disk by Muffie than a game.
I would also want to use this message to say thanks to all the MSX community (outside Brazil) that kindly helped me on my learning efforts. Specially BifiMSX and GuyveR800 from the #msxdev IRC channel.

Related to the competition, I can't say anything different from what I said already on my "Lack of Respect" parody posts: All the excuses, greed and etc... are simple unacceptable to me.

That's it. Thank you all.

By lionelritchie

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20-11-2008, 23:31

You are wrong.
Muffie doesnt hate slotman.
Muffie LOVES slotman.

By muffie

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21-11-2008, 17:37

ROM is already available at MSX História.
Just click on Mikie's back pocket for download!

By poke-1,170

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21-11-2008, 22:57

ah I remember that game from the 64. Had "a hard day's night"as the soundtrack.
And you had to buttkick people out of the class seats or something.

By ro

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24-11-2008, 07:56

The WIKI page has "MSX" mentioned under "platforms". (nope, it wasn't the muffman who entered it. I checked the history)

If it's a Konami, it must be good Smile

By muffie

Paladin (933)

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24-11-2008, 12:12

Nahh, all my comments at wikipedia were made at least 5 years ago, and no one related to MSX.
I saw a mention about this game on MSX, but it's like a Cod's head or a midget funeral: No one ever saw one!

Hey, what about joystick support on all my conversions? Up to now, only Mikie and the Three Dragon story have it...

By wolf_

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24-11-2008, 12:25

If you have news: submit it when it is news. We're all a bit busy here on various things, you can't expect us to hunt down every corner of the world in order to spot news, if you submit news then you'll be assured we'll see it. When you write the main body of the news yourself, it'll save us time as well (which atm we don't really have a lot)

By muffie

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24-11-2008, 13:26

Well, I always found odd to talk about myself...
"Muffie the Brazilian coder..." and that kind 'o stuff.
Anyway, news about all the ROMs with joystick support were leaked (not that I really care, but...). I was waiting for Marcelo Tini to update MSX Historia with those ROMs. I'll ask him to post some news as soon as his website is updated.

BTW, to tell you the truth, I would expect some hunting from the mrc admins... Not because of my ROMs, but as a MSX user, I'm always interested in some good news...

By wolf_

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24-11-2008, 13:52

Yes, but atm I'm in a deadline of 4 TV episodes (music), so I've barely time to even write this line here.

If you have news, because you are the source of it: submit it, submit it and submit it! please! tnx! gotta go now.. Tongue