We are very proud to announce that we have received permission to host several high-quality productions from 5 well known groups from the MSX Community. After adding 13 files 2 days ago and two more yesterday we have now added the following titles to our Freeware Downloads Database:


BCF gained huge popularity in the Netherlands with their discstations, mainly because of the extremely funny Snout demo's. Apart from me using this nickname, the real Snout is still alive and kicking on this website. Although most demo's from BCF are in dutch they are still enjoyable for foreign MSX users. The following BCF titles were added:


TFH of http://www.file-hunter.com granted us permission to host the following Fony releases:

Fuzzy Logic

After several funny and impressive demo's on the Sunrise Picturedisks, Fuzzy Logic released 3 music disks combining music with realtime (controleable) effects.

  • Muzax 1 with music by Hans Cnossen
  • Muzax 2 with music by Maarten van Strien, also known as Wolf (and active on our forums)
  • Muzax 3 with music by Maarten van Strien (Wolf)


Impact were the pioneers in creating cool demo's and music for the MSX Computer system. They were one of the groups that took the amateur scene to another level. Expecially if you own (or can emulate) the MSX Audio you should check out these products:


Station were the first MSX group to introduce vector graphics to the MSX system. These demo's do not only contain wireframes. Filled vectorgraphics are possible on MSX, check these titles for the proof:

We hope you will enjoy these titles as much as we do. Soon we will add even more freeware titles to our downloads database. If you have ever created MSX software, graphics or music don't hesitate to send them in to downloads@msx.org or by manually adding them. Right here, with over 2000 visitors a day, your creations get the attention they deserve.

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By BiFi

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16-08-2003, 18:38

Neat. The download section grows fast now. So many great software available already.

By Sylvester

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16-08-2003, 18:54

Didn't you guys get permission for all demo's they made ? Because I do miss some of them in the lists.

- Madness
- New Sensation
- The Freak
- Starship

- The Ant (the third demo disk)
- Impact House Disk 2
- Impact House Disk 3
- Impact SCC Musix Disk

Fuzzy Logic:
- Scc Music Disk 1
- Scc Music Disk 2

Or are these demo's not good enough Smile)

By snout

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16-08-2003, 19:16

The added products of Fuzzy Logic, Impact and Station were already declared Public Domain in the past. However, we also contacted Fuzz and Station about the other products. They surely are good enough for the downloads database!

As for Impact, I'm not sure if the products you listed are PD as well, and do not have contact information on any of the Impact members. If anyone does, please mail it to downloads@msx.org

For that matter: if you KNOW PEOPLE who created MSX stuff, ask them to get in touch with us ;)

By fondacio

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16-08-2003, 20:09

I guess I should help you out since I'm the only former Impact member posting here (I used to be Mirage). Although I was not in charge of the "business" side of things, I think you can safely assume that all Impact products are PD. None of us are still active in the MSX scene. I'll e-mail you to verify it's me and to ask if my permission is enough for you.

By snout

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16-08-2003, 20:16

You could have told us before that you're an Impact member ^_^ COOL Smile

By fondacio

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16-08-2003, 20:20

Hey, what can I say... I value my privacy. :S

By anonymous

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16-08-2003, 20:36

/me spams fondacio with "I'm not worthy!"-emails Tongue

By Latok

msx guru (3929)

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18-08-2003, 15:40

How's Mr. Bonesy? Tongue