Old New Stock #12: Imagine 1

by meits on 14-11-2019, 19:54
Topic: Software

Very long ago there was a time without FAC's first Soundtracker that set the new standard in the MSX scene. It was a true turning point: Before it was "allowed" to rip music from Japanese releases and after it became a big taboo to rip.

In 1991 Black Label released two disks filled to the brim with music from the most popular Japanese big ones. Sure, it's in the dark side of the grey zone to release this. Still even now, but one might doubt Micro Cabin sells less copies of Soko-ban now. Until now we contacted at least one of the responsible guys of the software rereleased in Old New Stock, but not this time. It's from MAD's Public Domain collection which was released on MCCM's Millenium CD set in 1997.

Imagine 2 is left out for now since there is no bug free version available. Maybe it will be added in the future, but chances are slim.

Imagine 1 houses music of nine famous games. 202 in total. It needs a bit of explanation to get everything to play well. This can be read in the intro, but we list the controls here as well.

First off, boot with CTRL pressed and use the SPACE BAR to exit the intro demo and end up in the player. On the left side you'll see the list of the nine following games (of which we list how many tracks are available):

  1. Xak: The Art of Visual Stage (38)
  2. Xak II: Rising of the Redmoon (47)
  3. Dragon Slayer VI: The Legend of Heroes (10)
  4. Undeadline (22)
  5. Rune Worth - The Black Clad Young Noble (34)
  6. Laydock 2 - The Last Attack (4)
  7. Greatest Driver (11)
  8. Fire Hawk: Thexder - The Second Contact (13)
  9. Fray in Magical Adventure (23)

Press the corresponding number to select a game and scroll through the tracks with the UP and DOWN keys and (re)start the selected track by pressing the SPACE BAR.
F1 toggles 50Hz and 60Hz, F2 toggles auto play on and off and ESC shows the register data.

All in all a lot to see, do and listen to.

Relevant Link: Imagine 1

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By hamlet

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16-11-2019, 17:04

Well, I like this old-new-stuff, Meits. And I‘m looking forward to see much more soft that I missed back in the days. Thanks for that.

By meits

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16-11-2019, 19:44

Don't be afraid. This is not the last, by far. There's still very big stuff in the pipe line Smile

By ren

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27-08-2020, 17:09

Hey! Are you afraid of no. 13 or something? Wink

Nice series, new one needed (proper disk image(s) please Wink)  Hannibal

By meits

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27-08-2020, 18:30

You are totally right. I will pick it up again. Just stay patient. There are some gems in the pipeline Smile