Palette editor 1.2

by snout on 21-12-2005, 03:26
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BiFi has released a new version of Palette editior, a tool that allows you to change the palette of your MSX2 in order to make games that don't change the MSX palette (e.g. MSX1 games) different. Changes and new features in this release:

  • Added version history
  • Added key codes for tweaked palettes for some games (made by Patrick van Arkel)
  • Added descriptions to some key codes
  • Added WAV downloads to all key codes
  • Fixed minor bug in BiFi logo animation abort
  • User defined palette in presets really is the userdef palette now
  • Added support for V99x8 in an MSX1 machine by detecting the VDP
  • Added support to save to cassette
  • Made media selectable for palette storage

Relevant link: Palette editor website

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24-12-2005, 11:05

Palette Editor had a bug which caused a feature to work incorrectly. Please download the archive again from the Palette Editor website.