Realfun trial version

by sjoerd on 27-01-2003, 20:01
Topic: Software

The developer of Realfun, a musictracker for MSX2 with 256KB RAM (or more) and Moonsound released a limited trial version of Realfun to get some feedback from users.  

These things will change in future releases:

  • All voices (the used voices are still copyrighted, I guess)
  • Settingscan (not present in the trial version)
  • Voice selection/editing
  • Probably 'only' 16 channels instead of 32
  • Probably 'only' 32 'combined' voices instead of 32 4op fm, 32 2op fm and 32 wave instruments
  • Nicer gfx (more predefined color themes)
  • A special 'in-game' replayer format (I need one for 'The Lost World' anyway)
  • More effects
  • I don't think it will be possible to read moonblaster and soundtracker files (or even previous Realfun music files) in next Realfun versions without (even more) loss of data.

Suggestions are welcome here: Also, there is a forum topic dedicated to Realfun.  

Get your own Realfun Probeerversie here: Don't be surprised if something doesn't work.