Sieni Pakottaa

by snout on 18-03-2004, 19:58
Topic: Software

Sieni Pakottaa is an X-BASIC demo for MSX turboR created by Nyyrikki as an entry for the BASIC competition at this year's Alt Party. His demo claimed the 4th position in this competition and is well worth having a look at.

Relevant link: Sieni Pakottaa

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By ricbit

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19-03-2004, 03:32

Great demo!
But please add a note saying it doesn't run with floppies formatted on msx-dos 1.
It requires a MSX-DOS 2 boot sector in order to work.


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19-03-2004, 09:36

Yes, this needs DOS2. I've not tested this on A1ST, but it should work. At least A1GT needs to be rebooted to run this demo correctly again because of MIDI interrupts.

This competition was held on 10.01.04 In the party place we had quite a much problems because of NTSC picture, but this did get into competition although an hour late, when many people were already left to local bar.

These were the compo rules:

- The entry should be provided as a standard text file and, if possible, also as a loadable BASIC (.D64 etc.) source file.

- The entry must be exactly one file.

- Machine code or embedded assembler is not allowed in any form.

- POKE and similar commands for manipulating memory directly are not allowed. Calling a routine directly on an address with commands like SYS, CALL and DEF USR are not allowed.

- The participant should provide a machine on which the demo will run.

- The source should have some REM lines at the beginning stating which BASIC interpreter it runs on.


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21-03-2004, 15:11

Note: For unexpanded A1ST you need to run INCRAM first to get enough free RAM.
You can get INCRAM from here: