SymbOS 1.1 alpha

by snout on 03-08-2006, 00:18
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Today, a new alpha version of SymbOS, the multitasking window-based GUI/OS ported from Amstrad CPC to MSX was released. Compatible with MSX2, 2+ and turboR the OS has already advanced quite a lot since the first steps of porting it were taken in this forum topic. Several MSX FDCs are already supported, while the OS can also be run from a Sunrise IDE or CompactFlash interface. New in this release are:

  • SymShell command line interface (appshell.exe) is now also available for the MSX and works both in window and fullscreen mode (type FULL or Alt+Return)
  • Screen saver "Starfield simulation" (scrstars.sav) has been modified and runs also on the MSX now as well
  • AppInfo.exe has been adapted for the MSX, too
  • Example .INI files and a README to help properly installing the OS on your MSX

For any feature requests, suggestions or support on installation, you can discuss with the developers in the SymbOS for MSX forum thread.

Relevant link: SymbOS website
Relevant link: SymbOS for MSX 1.1 alpha (direct download)

Comments (4)

By msd

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03-08-2006, 13:27

alt+return.. . Can't find the alt key on my msx keyboard Tongue

By Sonic_aka_T

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03-08-2006, 14:08

Duh! It's next to the any key! Tongue

By Prodatron

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03-08-2006, 15:48

Better try the "graph" key Wink

By karloch

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03-08-2006, 21:08

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