SymbOS 1.1 alpha4

by snout on 27-09-2006, 01:10
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: MSX Forum

A new preview version of SymbOS - a multitasking, window-based GUI - for MSX has just been released. New in this version:

  • Linear graphic support in SymSee, which allows to load 4 and 16 colour SGX files of any size
  • Some improvements and bug fixing

For more information on SymbOS please visit the SymbOS website. Specific details on the MSX version, feedback and development support can all be obtained and delivered in the SymbOS discussion on our forum.

Relevant link: SymbOS for MSX 1.1 alpha4 (direct download)

Comments (4)

By Sonic_aka_T

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27-09-2006, 02:37

Does this mean SymbOS itself now supports linear graphics as well?

By spl

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27-09-2006, 19:51

New version ^-^. I will try it very very soon Big smile

By Prodatron

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28-09-2006, 18:22

Somehow yes, but there is still the limitation, that the width of a graphic can't be larger than 255 bytes. You also can't plot more than 255x255 pixels with one command, so you have to send 2 commands to plot a linear graphic with a width of 500pixel as an example.

By jltursan

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28-09-2006, 23:04

Aaahh!, I need that SymStudio right now! Wink