Uzix 0.2.1 alpha

by snout on 13-01-2002, 13:01
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: Uzix website

The following text was taken from the release notes:Because many things changed from UZIX 0.2.0 to 0.2.1, and because it has been almost 5 months since the last UZIX version was released, Idecided to release an alpha version of UZIX 0.2.1. Why this version is called 'alpha'? Because I still wanna add direct access to floppy diskdrivers and dynamic memory allocation by applications before releasing the 'official' version. Also, any report of a yet undiscovered bug isallways welcome, ensuring a more stable 'official' version.Big improvements:

  • Direct access to Sunrise IDE, CIEL IDE, ESE MegaSCSI, Novaxis and BERT harddisk interfaces.
  • Simultaneous access up to 64 different disk devices.
  • Access to any partition of any device of harddisk interfaces.
  • UZLO 2.0 (allows booting even MSXDOS1).
  • Enhanced interrupt system: Sunrise RS232 can handle 56kbps with Z80 7MH and 33kbps with Z80 3.5MHz;

Other improvements:

  • Fixed bugs in filesystem (mount and unlinking device entries);
  • Fixed a bug in piping;
  • Fixed a bug in /dev/lpr handling;
  • Fixed a bug in pppd for incoming error messages;
  • More file descriptors (meaning more simultaneous opened files);
  • Access to 5 mounted UZIX filesystems simultaneously;
  • /etc/fstab file is now processed at UZIX startup;
  • Smarter intallation program;
  • Optimized kernel performance;

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