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by snout on 27-10-2004, 14:34
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On November 30th Joy Division, the team behind the Metal Gear Origin plans, announced they would like to re-translate Konami's all-time classic Metal Gear as the English version originally released by Konami missed a lot of detail and contailed quite some 'Engrish' typo's. Even worse, the English Metal Gear 1 only contained 86 different text messages, as opposed to 155 messages in the Japanese version. As you can see, there were more than enough reasons to release a proper translation of this truly historical game.

The entire Japanese gamescript was translated by Takamichi Suzukawa and proofread by Jon Taylor, who were also responsible for the English version of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. After that, the activities of Joy Division came to a halt and both the Metal Gear Redux and Metal Gear Origin projects were dropped. It looked like a properly localized version of Metal Gear was never to be released.

But all that changed when Nekura_Hoka joined the MRC forums with this message in August 2004. He managed to improve the text routines of Metal Gear, to implement Joy Division's Metal Gear translation and has just released it as an IPS patch on his website. On this website you can also find some extra information on the translation project, Metal Gear 1 and the Metal Gear series in general.

Relevant link: Metal Gear 1 retranslation website

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By BiFi

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27-10-2004, 15:30

Kind of makes you wonder who translated Metal Gear back in 1987, doesn't it?

Why? To give him a good old spankin' of course for the lousy translation he did Wink

By Sonic_aka_T

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27-10-2004, 20:37

I played it for a couple of hours today... Nice translation! Brings back so many memories of my disk version that wouldn't go past the first elevator... Tongue

By Nekura_Hoka

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14-11-2004, 19:47

Thanks! I think snout may have overstated what I did though. I really didn't improve the game code itself at all. Just optimized the script and inserted it, anyone could have done it.

By Manuel

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16-07-2011, 13:27

OK, it's a bit late, but I think I found a small bug in the translation patch. Before starting the game, there is a small demo, in which Snake walks into the first truck and gets ID card 1 etc. This demo is broken on the patched MG1 Sad

Nekura_Hoka, are you still alive?